Fruit Palm Tree Hire

Spectacular Fruit Palm Tree Hire From Soundimages Roadshow


Fancy a fresh fruit palm tree at your event? We’d like to welcome the newest member of the family here at – a mouth-watering fruit display consisting of a pineapple palm tree decorated with endless sticks of delicious fruit.

What Is A Fruit Palm Tree?

A fresh fruit palm tree is a combination of a fruit display, a pineapple palm tree and a fruit centrepiece. Pineapples make up the ‘trunk’ with authentic palm leaves swaying gracefully from the top. The fruit display consists of cocktail-style sticks with a delicious selection of fresh fruit including: strawberries, kiwi, melon, oranges, pineapple and grapes.

Our fruit palm trees stand 6ft tall and look stunning as a pair or individually next to one of our chocolate fountains. The sticks of fruit can be eaten straight from the display or used to dip into the chocolate fondue fountain.

What You Receive With Your Hire


As experienced caterers and chocolatiers, we have been providing fresh fruit displays to weddings for several years the demand for these displays dramatically increased as they became a popular complement to wedding receptions, birthday parties and corporate events. The quality and standard of our service makes for an enjoyable experience. No worries, just one exceptionally delicious fruit display. Why not go for our ‘naughty and nice’ package which includes two chocolate fountains and two fruit palm tree displayed with a tropical theme.take a look at are dip page.

This is a fantastic eye catching alternative to add to your event. Fruit Palm trees never fail to impress, they are totally in a league of their own when it comes to creating that exotic WOW Factor!

Each palm holds tantalizing 500 individual pieces, and all our fruit is delivered, and freshly prepared on the day of the event, so you can be assured it will be of the highest quality possible.

– Fruit Palm Tree to be supervised by a uniformed attendant
Delivery, provision, preparation of the Fruit Palm Tree

– 1 or 2 fruit palm trees mounted on a 3ft diameter glow table with an attractive display of fresh fruit. 1 palm will serve approximately 60 guests maximum. 100 or more guests will require 2 palms.

– More than 150 guests? We are only too happy to provide more fruit to re-stock the trees for only £1 extra per head..

– Napkins

– Keeping the area clean and tidy

– 3 hours official hire time (from set-up of the fruit palm)

Antalizing Individual Pieces

Each palm tree holds tantalizing individual pieces, and all our fruit is delivered, and freshly prepared on the day of the event, so you can be assured it will be of the highest quality possible.

Another alternative could be a palm made up entirely of Strawberries, just pick them off.

Our latest addition the ‘sweet palm’ is a fantastic up and coming MUST HAVE for any event, especially popular for childrens parties yet still stylish enough for anyone with a sweet tooth looking for an orginial dessert idea

Dip them into the warm flowing Chocolate of your Fountain.
Don’t like fruit? Why not substitute the fruit with mouth-watering sweets such as a Marshmallow selection, Jelly Babies, Soft Fudge, etc. The kids will love it.

If you want to really amaze your guests with something a bit different, as well as have a healthy addition to your buffet, then a Fruit Palm Tree is a must-have for your party