Sophisticated Way To Serve Drinks

A novel and sophisticated way to serve drinks to your guests is with our champagne fountain hire. We can supply a beautiful and elegant beverage fountain individually or in conjunction with one of our chocolate fountains or fruit palms trees.

Our champagne fountain hire is decorated at the top with an attractive theme or flower display and stands approximately 40” tall. Champagne and beverage fountains are an exuberant centrepiece with a dual purpose.

Not only are they glamorous to look at but they create a lovely warm and vibrant atmosphere as your guests serve themselves from the plenteous supply of refreshing liquid flowing before them

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What You Receive With Your Hire

The Beverage Fountain service includes:

– A large capacity, polished stainless steel commercial champagne fountain (see picture).

– The champagne fountain to be illuminated and mounted on an attractive mirror base to enhance its true qualities.

– Set up either on one of our tables or we can set up on a table of your choice provided by the venue if you wish.

– A silk flower display or themed topper of your choice mounted on the top of the fountain

– Up to 3 hours hire running time of the champagne fountain. The running time lasts as long as the beverage provided by the hirer.

– A uniformed assistant to set up the champagne fountain and to oversee its operation. The assistant will dismantle and clear away all the equipment at the end of hire time.

– 2 complimentary platters of fresh strawberries or seasonal fresh fruit, if you prefer, to compliment the beverages.

– 2 platters will serve approximately 100 guests. Numbers over 100 can be provided for at only £1 extra per head for additional fruit.

Provision Of Any Of The Beverages

This service is dry hire only. Purchase, chilling and transport of the beverages to the venue (if not purchasing the venue’s own) is the sole responsibility of the hirer.

Glass Hire or cost of any breakages.

Corkage Fees or any additional charges made by the Hire Venue.

Disposal of empty bottles or cartons. These are the sole responsibility of the hirer.

PLEASE check with the venue BEFORE booking this fountain as to what these charges will be, what the terms and conditions are and that you are fully satisfied with them before proceeding with this booking.

Our Champagne and Beverage Fountain has a 30 litre capacity. For this fountain to flow effectively we recommend it needs at least a minimum of 20 litres. As an example to how far it would go, 30 litres of beverage would fill approximately 120 x 250ml glasses. This is an estimate only which is merely designed to help you gauge quantities and costings of drink requirements when booking this fountain.

The running time of up to 3 hours is entirely dependent on the quantity of beverage provided by the hirer. Any glasses hired should ideally be no taller than 6″ in height


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